Car Hire

Please read this and don’t let this happen to you!…………………………..

If only I had One Pound for every time I have seen visitors to southern Spain standing in a queue of at least 8 people at Malaga airport trying desperately to get their hire car!! You see what happens, you want a hire car for your holiday, quite understandable, so you decide to search for the best deals on the Internet….

That’s all well and good, but EVERYONE ELSE has done exactly the same !! I unfortunately have seen the outcome, as the vast majority of hire car companies in Spain NEVER have enough staff (and sometimes cars) to deal with the rush.

This is why I have started to use a company that is local to our Villa in the countryside, in fact they are based in Coin and Alhaurin El Grande, and will even meet you at the airport with the car for your convenience. Hows that for service.

No waiting, no Queuing, sign the contract and go!! Have a look at their website by clicking the link below

The car hire industry suffered another blow in 2009 due to the recession. Because all of the big car hire companies cut their car fleets by half over the winter of 2008/2009 they were caught with their trousers down when they couldn’t finance new cars for the summer of 2009. The banks wouldn’t lend the money, so the cars couldn’t be leased for the forthcoming season. I spent many weekends at Malaga airport watching frustrated tourists arrive only to find out that they didnt have a hire car, and had about as much chance of hiring a car as David Milliband inviting his brother over for dinner!
I would honestly suggest that if you do intend to holiday on the southern coast of Spain next year, then make sure you book a car early.