Automobile museum of Malaga – Museo Automovilístico de Málaga

The car museum in Malaga celebrates a visual feast of design and engineering while inaugurating its permanent vintage clothing collection. Car engineering as a work of art, seems to be the overall motto of the Museo Automovilístico de Málaga, whose doors opened in 2010 and is set up in the spacious splendour of a former tobacco factory,… Continue reading Automobile museum of Malaga – Museo Automovilístico de Málaga

How to order a coffee in Málaga

When in Málaga, order coffee like a Malagueño. They claim, “nobody drinks coffee in the same way.” In Málaga you can find coffee to suit all tastes. There are so many different varieties, degrees of strength and ways to drink it; you need an authentic coffee dictionary to understand the difference between each one. Café Central… Continue reading How to order a coffee in Málaga

Magnificent Malaga

Malaga is tourist destination located in the southern part of Spain near Sunny Villa,it is in a protected area of mountains which provide a unique microclimate in the Peninsula, which in itself provides a fantastic climate for all different types of tourist activities, from sunbathing to enjoying nature in one of its many nature parks.… Continue reading Magnificent Malaga

May Festivals in Andalucia

Andalucia is filled with fascinating cultural events throughout the year. Whilst many of these festivals take place on the date indicated each year, others move slightly in relation to the day of the week or the religious calendar or occasionally weather. According to In order to confirm, the villages town hall website ( or Facebook page… Continue reading May Festivals in Andalucia

Travel advice: the best way to travel to Spain overland

The Telegraph travel experts answer queries on travelling overland to Spain, operators that cater for disabled people and insurance for pregnant women. There are several affordable and enjoyable ways to reach Spain overland My wife developed a fear of flying after severe turbulence on a flight last year and she now refuses to fly. However, we… Continue reading Travel advice: the best way to travel to Spain overland

Have a Sunny Villa Adventure

Do you have a head for heights! Fancy Something different? Take a look athese topical pictures about a beautiful place called the Camino del rey ( also known as the Caminito Del Rey ) The small road of the king!! This is literally a 45 minute drive from Sunny Villa Spain, and one of my… Continue reading Have a Sunny Villa Adventure

Discover Marbella

    Marbella is, without a doubt, one of the Costa del Sol’s major tourist centres, thanks to the high quality of the facilities and services it provides. Puerto Banús, one of the main focal points for tourists in the town, houses an exclusive leisure area inside the excellent facilities of its marina. But Marbella… Continue reading Discover Marbella