Cheap flights to the sun

If you log on to and have a look at flights from the UK to Malaga, you will find some really good deals. Ryan air ( I know how much everyone loves Ryan air) have just started a service from Bristol to Malaga, and I have just booked a flight on 4th May for £50 return all in, which I thought was pretty good. admittedly I am not taking a bag for the hold which would be an extra £30 for the return journey, but it does get me there.

If you ever use sky scanner, simply put in your airport of departure, and your destination airport (hopefully that will be Malaga, as you will be coming to stay at our lovely Villa) and then click the link on the dates for “Whole of month” you will see a bar chart which is a great way to find out when the best priced flights are, if you are not tied to travelling on a particular date.